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What is the big deal about having gutters that work well? If you are like most homeowners or business owners, you want a building or home that is watertight. Water intrusion can wreak havoc on the structure and foundation.

If your gutters aren’t working correctly, then the water can get down around your foundation. This can cause soil heaving that can lead to cracks and basement floors that move up and down. We’ve been in a lot of houses where you can see that the floor has moved up or down several inches. This is obviously not a good thing. And it can cause flooding in your basement, which can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

Poorly done guttering systems can also lead to costly repairs to your home or business. Dripping gutters can cause wood rot on your fascia (the wood behind your gutters) and soffit (material under your eaves). They will warp and decay if water is allowed to regularly come in contact with it. We will install gutters that will not allow water to penetrate these important parts of your structure.

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